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iSeries & pSeries DRaaS

iSeries & pSeries DRaaS services

Organizations of all sizes have chosen IBM Power Systems to run their most mission-critical applications. This is for good reason. Operating systems such as IBM i, IBM p, AIX, and Linux run better on IBM Power Systems. The performance, reliability, and security are unequaled in the industry. You cannot afford to have these systems go down.

While these applications must keep working, High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) are cost-prohibitive for all but the largest enterprises. In traditional environments, HA and DR solutions required you to purchase duplicate hardware, software, and redundant data center space. But you do have another option.

Tectrade is a trusted provider of Cloud and Managed Services solutions for IBM, data center operators, technology distributors, and IBM Business Partners that make up the Tectrade partner channel.