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CleanIP XDR services

TierPoint’s CleanIP XDR is the platform, intelligence, and expertise for a proactive approach to security. A next gen, proactive threat detection and response system that includes:

Daily Cybersecurity Review (DCR) – all incidents manually reviewed by SOC analysts for hidden threats, suspicious trends, and cross comparison daily, alerting our clients of any key findings requiring further investigation.

Enhanced SOC as a Service – add on our ESOC services and receive all support included in the DCR plus immediate investigation to critical severity Incidents to determine if immediate action is required to stop and active or imminent threat.

Enhanced Notifications and Response Guidance – augmented notifications with known threat indicators, country of origin, and additional curated intel allowing response personnel to make faster decisions.

Security Intelligence – unification of diverse sources of data including FortiGuard Threat Intelligence and Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and Threat Intelligence (TI) feeds from commercial, open source, and custom data sources

Distributed Real-Time Event Correlation – complex event patterns can be detected in real time leveraging a FortiSIEM patented algorithm.

Dynamic User Identity Mapping – connects network identity to user identity dynamically – makes it possible to create policies of perform investigations based on user identity instead of IP address.