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CleanIP Managed Multi-factor Authentication

CleanIP Managed Multi-factor Authentication services

The rise of mobile workers and the dawn of edge to edge cloud require organizations to provide users secure and reliable access to applications from any device on any network. Since passwords are often the weak link in user security, two-factor authentication is needed to protect users and enable a secure and quick login that reduces exposure to hacking threats. Security should be simple to deploy and seamless to use. TierPoint’s CleanIP Managed Multi-Factor Authentication (MMFA) is a single managed solution designed to ensure only trusted users and trusted devices can access every application.

MMFA Standard
TierPoint’s CleanIP Managed Multi-factor Authentication (MMFA) establishes trust in users’ identities and protects every user with a reliable, easy-to-use experience. Traditional MFA can take months to deploy, and with ongoing management, total cost of ownership increase. TierPoint’s CleanIP MMFA powered by DUO, delivers speed to security and lower costs with a faster, cloud-based deployment, as well as simplified authentication for users and admins and quick, push notification-based approvals with support for smartphones, smartwatches and U2F tokens. MMFA is easy to deploy, scales up to meet the needs of even the most diverse user base, and delivers insights summarizing the security posture of your devices. And secure single sign-on gives your users an easy way to access their applications from a single portal while giving you control with granular risk-based access policies for each application.

MMFA Advanced
MMFA Advanced takes everything in TierPoint’s CleanIP MMFA Standard solution and supercharges it. It delivers detailed visibility into the security hygiene of every device, gives your users a seamless and secure single sign-on experience and lets you quickly conduct phishing vulnerability assessments and simulations to determine where phishing risks exist in your organization. MMFA Advanced packs intelligence to check devices for secure, up-to-date software; enabled security settings on mobile devices; and location and network data – actionable data that’s available through the Device Insight dashboard. You can set policies for groups to allow or restrict access and secure BYOD environments by encouraging users to update their software. It’s complete visibility without the need for agents.

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