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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service (BaaS) services

TierPoint Backup Services help Clients protect their business by protecting important files, VM and application data. Clients can quickly get back to business by restoring files, applications and system after system failures, security breaches, and data loss. The backup servers are a Managed Service offering that offers optional self-service control via a Web Portal, thereby allowing the Client to interact directly with the service. The Client will have the option to self-manage backup schedules, include or exclude files from the backup, restores, perform on-demand backups.
The primary goals of the Backup as a Service are to:

  • Provide protection and recovery from accidental deletion or corruption of data.
  • Provide protection and recovery from a complete Server, Virtual Machine and / or infrastructure failure causing downtime or a loss of service.
  • Provide application consistent data backup with granular recoverability for supported applications / databases.
  • Provide options for redundant / offsite data copies.
  • Provide options for the Long-Term Retention of data.
  • Provide Reporting and Alerting visibility on Backup & Recovery Operations and Service Metering (Usage).

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