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SECaaS (Alert Logic)

SECaaS (Alert Logic) services

Evolving threats, expanding compliance risks, and resource constraints require a new approach. At TierPoint, we build our solutions around security, rather than the other way around. Our architects and engineers use a proactive, security-first approach that helps ensure your data is secure by design. Whether foundational security controls are built in to our solutions or additional services that can be built on, our managed security solutions provide prevention and detection services that help you meet compliance and policy objectives and improve your overall security posture.
Because potential security risks can occur at a variety of levels, you need to set up security measures that provide multiple layers of defense against these risks. With a defense in depth approach, multiple layers of security are applied across the entire IT infrastructure. The idea is, the more layers of security that exist, the harder it will be to breach all the defenses to reach the business data or cause disruption.
TierPoint’s Security as a Service (SECaaS) solution leverages Alert Logic’s SIEMless Threat Management platform to provide an award-winning security platform, cutting-edge threat intelligence, and expertise — to provide better security and peace of mind 24×7. We bring a new approach to help you get the right level of security and compliance coverage for your workloads across any environment.

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